Essay Listings

2024 March Indie Author Magazine – “Unlocking the Power of Podcast Appearances for Authors”
2024 February Indie Author Magazine“How Fanfiction can Reignite an Author’s Passion”
2024 January Indie Author Magazine“Ten Tips for Author Events on Discord” & “Hone Your Home Writing Setup with These Easy Ergonomic Techniques”
2023 October Indie Author Magazine“Time for Show and Tell: Reexamining the Golden Rule of Fiction”
2023 September Indie Author Magazine“Goggles and Gadgets: Analyzing the Elements that Keep Steampunk Stories in Motion”
2023 June Indie Author Magazine“Ten Tips: Google Workspace” & “Exploring Flights of Foundry. A Virtual Sci-Fi Convention”
2023 February Indie Author Magazine“Top Ten: Twitter”
2022 November The Lotus Tree Literary Review“Remembering James Gunn: Tapping into Your Muse for Creativity”
2022 October Writing Cooperative“Back It Up! A Good Habit For Authors”
2022 April The Space Cadet Science Fiction Review“Heinlein’s Space Cadet: A Book Review”
2019 May Writing Cooperative – “20 Useful Subreddits For SFF Writers”
2019 March Writing Cooperative – “Author Platform: Using Facebook”
2019 January Writing Cooperative – “Using Twitter For Your Author Platform”
2018 August Writing Cooperative – “Prep Your Novel For Self-Editing In Scrivener”
2018 July Writing Cooperative – “Fountain Pens in the Creative Process”
2018 June Writing Cooperative – “Better Blogging Topics For Authors”
2018 May Writing Cooperative – “Social Media Tips For Your Author Platform”
2018 April Writing Cooperative – Novel Reference Journal
2017 February Scifaikuest – “Scifaiku Brainstorming Techniques” (print only)
2014 January Serendipity – “The Metamorphosis of Divine Inspiration” (out of print)
2012 May Serendipity – “Symbols In Time” (out of print)
2011 September Serendipity – “The Animal World in Art” (out of print)